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الصفحة الرئيسية البيانات تحذير من السفارة البريطانية لرعاياها بعدم شرب مياه الحنفية في الخرطوم
تحذير من السفارة البريطانية لرعاياها بعدم شرب مياه الحنفية في الخرطوم طباعة أرسل إلى صديق

هذا تحذير تم تعميمه من السفارة البريطانية ينهى عن شرب مياه الحنفية لتلوثها بالبكتيريا..... وانتو يا بني السودان من يحذركم؟ احسن براكم حذروا انفسكم وضارفوا ليها لانو القاعدين في محل المسئولية ما سائلين في غير نفسهم
دحين عمموا المعلومة يا مسئولين

 Subject: drinking water warning from british embassy
  this notice just went out to British Embassy
folk. Don't drink the tap water.
Dear All,
As part of new health & safety procedures, TWS staff recently took
water samples from all our residential properties to screen in the UK
for Legionella bacteria. We have now been notified that some of the
samples have tested positive.  We are waiting for the arrival of the
detailed results, as well as formal advice and guidance from FCO
Health & Safety. Once the specific measures to be taken locally have
been confirmed, details will be circulated to all staff.
Post management of course take this matter extremely seriously and we
will keep staff fully informed. However, I can confirm that no cases
of Legionnaires’ disease have been diagnosed locally from amongst
either staff or families. Of course, should anyone feel unwell or have
health concerns then they should as always contact Esther for advice.
The UK Health and Safety Executive offers further information on
Legionnaires’ disease at their website:
As a precautionary measure, while a full action plan is prepared,
staff are reminded:
Do not drink the water from the taps in your houses. UK staff
properties have been issued with water dispensers;
Do not brush your teeth with tap water, but instead use bottled water.
This email is not intended to alarm you, but it is important that you
are informed of this situation. We will circulate further information
and guidance as soon as it is available.
With thanks,

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